We are distributors of Ferrous metals scrap non-ferrous metals scrap plastic scrap &paper. scrap

All post-consumer ferrous and non-ferrous materials, such as steel, brass, copper, aluminum and stainless steel and papperSCRAP are always available because satisfaction of our customer,s is our topmost priority.

Who We Are

At each of our operations, Klint Scrap LLC is committed to achieving the highest material recovery rates possible to reduce unnecessary waste streams and protect our planet's ecosystems..

This is why we have invested in advanced technologies that single us out among other recyclers. If it is salvageable material, Klint Scrap LLC will recover it. Here's a brief look at what we recycle.

Before it was fashionable to be “green,” Klint Scrap LLC was leading the charge. We saw the opportunity for improved sustainability early in our company’s history and aligned our objectives with how we envisioned the future. We continue to invest in advanced technologies to help us achieve cleaner materials processing. Our aim has always been to reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfills..

Klint Scrap LLC’s facilities lead the industry in material recycling. What began as a modest trucking company has evolved into an industry-leading force in sustainable and responsible recycling. We continue to implement high-tech processing machinery to further increase and refine our recyclables. We provide complete transparency and accountability – ensuring customer confidence..

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